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Kids:  All  |  Fine Arts Prep Program  |  Family  |  Ages 2-5  |  Ages 6-9  |  Ages 9-13  |  Ages 13-17

Adults:  All  |  Culinary Arts  |  Ceramic Arts  |  Dance  |  Glass Arts  |  Literary Arts  |  Metal Arts  |  Painting & Drawing  |  Photography  |  Textile Arts  |  Theatre Arts  |  Wood Working

Ages: 19+

Perfect Pairings - Wine & Chocolate
We’ll explore different chocolate styles and what wines work best with them. Be prepared for some hands on wine and chocolate experimentation.


Summer Painting

Ages: 18+

Acrylic Painting
This course is for the beginner painter who wishes to gain a technical understanding of acrylic painting.

Ages: 9-12

Through drama games and exercises in voice, movement, comedy, role-playing and scene-study, students will learn a wide range of acting and communication skills while developing their talent and confidence for performing.

Ages: 6-9

Art Lab
This fun class teaches fundamental art-making skills through discovery and experimentation.

Ages: 10-12

Architecture and Design
Create sculptures, drawings, city plans and graphic designs to build new worlds and bring your vision to life in this fun exploration of architecture.

Ages: 4-5

Art Studio
Learn to explore different art materials such as paint, pastel and clay to make a variety of projects.

Ages: 18+

Ballroom Dance: Classic Steps
Learn how to lead, follow, spin and dance together in a friendly, relaxed environment!

Ages: 18+

Belly Dance for Women
Designed for beginner to intermediate students, this fast-paced course will introduce foundational postures, body isolations, movements and steps set to contemporary Arabic rhythms and beats.


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