Living Arts Centre Canada Day 2017

Saturday, July 1st, 2017
12 NOON to 4 PM

Enjoy a FREE Day

The Living Arts Centre is hosting a fun-filled day of arts & crafts, food trucks, community stage performances, dance workshops, art demonstrations, film showings AND MORE!

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Community Stage Performances

Alek (16 years old) & Alyssa (12 years old) Almeida (1:30pm-2:00pm)
A brother and sister who love to sing and perform together, and hope to share the stage on Broadway one day! Thrilled to perform on Canada Day, the two "are proud to be Canadian because it is such a diverse country with so many cultures, nationalities and races. Canada embraces everyone’s differences and we are a peaceful country where you can feel safe."

Allii Mariie (1:30pm-2:00pm)
A local singer who was one of the first performers on the Celebration Square stage back in 2011 on Canada Day, and has recently performed at the LAC for an Open Mic LIVE night. Allii says, her "favourite aspect about Canada is how polite people are in [the] community, and how respectful they are when [she] performs."

Syca Band (2:15pm-2:45pm)
Syca stands for Syrians in Canada. This prodigious group of newly arriving young Syrian musicians gathered last year and act out their mission to present the Syrian music heritage to Canada. Syca was first established when Syrian refugees started to come to Canada while leaving their memories behind.

Peel Aboriginal Network (12:15pm-1:00pm)
An Indigenous Friendship Centre committed to supporting the Aboriginal community brings 3 singers, drumming, and dancers, with Elder Tyrone!

The Ho Family (1:30pm-2:00pm)
A group of siblings all born and raised in Mississauga. They won the Family Day Talent Show with a performance using a wide range of instruments, from the trombone to the bagpipes! They believe that art "exposes us to different things because of multi culturalism, and more art expression is needed in the world"

Tom Taylor & Fiddler Geoff (3:00pm-3:30pm)
A guitarist, vocalist, banjoist and bandleader, Tom Taylor can perform solo or with any size band. Taylor Made Music provides the Toronto area with memorable live music for corporate events, weddings and private functions.

Outdoor Patio/Park Performances

Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization (12:30pm)
A non-profit performing arts organization based in Mississauga that has gained a superb reputation for their amazing Chinese traditional dances, folk music and unequalled entertainment. Jianlin Feng, affiliated with the organization, believes that "Canada is a country you can start your new life with a lot of support. When I came to Canada years ago, I studied in LINC school to improve my English. There are plenty of resources to help new comers to adapt new life."

Shaan Punjab Dee (1:30pm-2:30pm)
An entertainment group offering services in teaching Bhandra, Gidha, Bollywood and all types of Punjabi instruments (Dhol, Tumbi, Tabla, Harmonium).

Radosc-Joy (2:30pm-3:00pm)
This group is made up of children and young adults, keeping the colorful splendour of Polish music and heritage alive! The traditional song and dance repertoire is performed and sung mostly in Polish under the artistic direction of Pani Ania.

Frog In Hand

Frog in Hand informally began with a cast of frogs performing circus tricks under the artistic direction of two sisters, Noelle Hamlyn and Colleen Snell. Noelle and Colleen were one and five years old at the time. From this whimsical debut springs our firm belief that art begins in humble places – including the mud and grass of the backyard. Colleen says, "It is difficult if not impossible to find a single favourite aspect of Canada, yet both our history and our landscape inform my work... I’m inspired by the land we live on, and the stories that arise from our experiences of place and of home"

Balfolk Toronto (2:00pm-2:45pm)
Balfolk Toronto is a community which explores connection through traditional music and dance. With an ever growing repertoire of mainly western European folk dances, Balfolk Toronto hosts weekly drop in music and dance nights, organizes music and dance workshops, and puts on a quarterly big ball with local and international touring musicians.

LIVE Patio Performances

Mississauga Big Band (1:00pm)
The Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble has been providing the city with the sounds of big band jazz for 40 years now! Join in the fun with the help of a dance instructor!

Mississauga Music (2:45pm-3:00pm)
Four of Mississauga’s top emerging songwriters have come together to create a song celebrating the nation’s anniversary and beyond. The group is comprised of award-winning musician and television personality Arlene Paculan, singer/songwriter Matt Zaddy, Hip Hop artist/producer THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS, and award-winning performer/arts specialist Heather Christine.

Our Way (3:15pm-3:30pm)
The musical trio: Our Way, guides your Journey to many wonderful locations around the World and touches many styles, past and current. Their unique sound and interpretations will inspire you to celebrate, sing and dance! Ernest Bertuzzo states that "as our country is accepting of all cultures and traditions, this brings with it varied musical sounds and rhythms. This has provided the opportunity to be exposed to numerous musical landscapes... This can only help to improve and expand your own musical journey."


Sandra Whiting is a speaker who delivers her message through the power of storytelling. She does this by sharing her hundreds of stories that can be drawn on to suit any circumstance; she also uses her life experiences, and practical examples from all walks of life. Her motto is Yes We All Can and her goal is to make sure that every member of her audience adapts that attitude before she is finished with them.

Irish Dancing

The Butler-Fearon-O’Connor School of Irish Dance is one of the top Irish dance schools in the world – join them for Irish dancing!

Have all your cravings satisfied with the bountiful food options on-site!
We’ll have plenty of Canada Day cake, as well as ice cream and food trucks on site! As usual, the lobby bar will be open for snacks and beverages.

Studio Arts & Crafts!

    • Loon, Mallard & Duck Finger Puppets
      Using foam, participants will be able to make their own finger puppets that resemble loons, mallards, or ducks.

    • Copper Relief Leaf Prints
      Using copper sheets, participants will rub prints of different leaves. Using crayons, participants will decorate the frame for their relief. Once the relief is made and the frame decorated, participants will glue it to a frame.

    • Moose Antler Headbands
      Participants will work with crayons and stamps to decorate their own set of antlers. Once decorated, staff and volunteers will staple the bands to the size of the participant’s heads.

    • Inside the Maple Leaf
      Artist Donald Lee composed a book featuring 10 000 different images of the inside of a maple leaf. Using these images, participants will be given a different print to decorate with oil pastels and attach to a stick.

    • Tube Flip Game
      Iyaga is an Inuit game wherein bones are attached to a rope and stick with the goal to be to flip the bone onto the stick through the hole. Using pre-coloured tubes and washi tape, participants will decorate their own tubes and create their version of this multicultural game.

    • Red & White Pompom Flowers
      Using red, white, and maple leaf tissue paper, participants will fold and create their own flowers that can be worn around wrists, in hair or attached to a bag.

    • Landscape Postcards
      Celebrating the Canadian landscape, these watercolour postcards give newcomers the opportunity to share the idea of their new home with someone close or far. A variety of landscapes will be printed on postcards for participants to decorate with pastels.
      • Additional Activities
      • Glass Blowing Demonstration
      • Painting Demonstration
      • Wheel Throwing Demonstration
      • Chalk mural – map of Canada

Canadian-themed Film Showings
Take a breather in Rogers Theatre and enjoy a selection of Canadian-themed short films!

Dance workshops!

GADFLY (1:00pm-1:30pm)
GADFLY merges art with entertainment through the authenticity, artistry, and athleticism found in Urban Dance Culture.

Shiamak Dance Company (2:00pm-2:45pm)
Shiamak Dance Company is one of the most versatile performing troupes in the world. Impeccable with their technique, knowledge and performance, the Company is recognized for its discipline and commitment to the arts.