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Jeannie Kim

Jeannie Kim is a graduate of the Art and Art History joint program at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. She has exhibited in various galleries locally in Toronto as well as internationally in Japan and South Korea. In her body of work, she takes interest in the idea of memory being an unstable, abstract source of information and in depicting her personal history through various mediums such as oil paints and oriental watercolours.

Tamara Thompson

Tamara Thompson is a graduate of OCAD University and has received her Honours Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Drawing and Painting. Currently, she is based in Mississauga while she completes her term as a fellowship resident artist at the Living Arts Centre. In addition to having gained teaching experience at OCAD University and the Toronto School of Art, Tamara has shown in exhibitions across the GTA including Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton. She has received various scholarships for emerging to mid-career artists, and has received commissions for installation projects as well. Overall, Tamara’s practice demonstrates an interest in the moment of translation from film imagery into painting through time-based processes.

Lindsay Rett

Lindsay Rett is both an artist and educator from Brampton, Ontario. She received her Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts at Nipissing University in 2014 and then continued on to receive her Bachelor of Education the following year. She is qualified in the Primary/Junior Division with additional qualifications in Kindergarten and English as a Second Language. In 2013 and 2014, she participated in Nipissing’s Undergraduate Research Conference and Juried Exhibitions in North Bay. She has worked with youth from the ages of 6-17 both in Canada and Korea, teaching art and English based academic programs. Lindsay has taught visual arts to students of all ages in a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration, cartooning and animation. Lindsay currently works in Fine Art education programs both in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

Wendy Heagney-Bakewell

Wendy Heagney-Bakewell received an HBFA from the University of Toronto / Sheridan Collage Art & Art History program and an MFA from the University of Victoria, British Columbia. She is Artist, aspiring children’s book Illustrator and Art Educator whose passion is connecting children with art-making opportunities. In addition to teaching at the Living Arts Centre, Wendy is an Artist Entrepreneur through Tiny Brushstrokes, her business focused on custom paintings and small batch creative products. She is also a Preschool and Visual Arts Instructor for the City of Mississauga’s Recreation and Cultural programs.