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Want to build your own furniture or create a one of a kind piece of art? Get into wood! Beginner and advanced courses are offered in our fully equipped wood studio. Our 1 to 4 day workshops give you a taste of the arts, while 10 week courses provide an in-depth experience in hands-on creativity. Both take place in our professionally equipped studios.

Please note: Unless otherwise indicated these courses are 10 weeks in length and include all materials and applicable taxes.

Ages: 18+ Expired

Butcher's Block Workshop
Learn the basic woodworking skills to make a wooden cutting block using a combination of different wood types.

Ages: 18+

Wood Furniture: The Next Notch
Students will develop their knowledge of woodworking by exploring their skills in joinery, lathe work, and hand tools to create a more complex piece of furniture.

Ages: 18+

Wood Furniture 101
Experience our professionally equipped wood studio as you acquire knowledge of basic joinery methods and the proper use of hand and machine tools used in furniture making.