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Kids:  All  |  Fine Arts Prep Program  |  Family  |  Ages 2-5  |  Ages 6-9  |  Ages 9-13  |  Ages 13-17

Adults:  All  |  Culinary Arts  |  Ceramic Arts  |  Dance  |  Glass Arts  |  Literary Arts  |  Metal Arts  |  Painting & Drawing  |  Photography  |  Textile Arts  |  Theatre Arts  |  Wood Working

Our preschool, family and children's courses and workshops are a perfect way to introduce your child to the arts and help them express their creativity.

Please note: Unless otherwise indicated these courses are 8 weeks in length and include all materials and applicable taxes. 

Ages: 6-9

Art Lab
This fun class teaches fundamental art-making skills through discovery and experimentation.

Ages: 6-8

Drawing and Cartooning
Learn how to draw facial expressions, body proportions and much more as you watch your imagination come to life on paper with your own characters, graphic storylines and comic art.

Ages: 6-8

Drama for Kids
A variety of drama games and exercises will stimulate the imagination, develop concentration and introduce the basics of storytelling, role-playing, self-expression and theatrical skills.

Ages: 6-8

Art Explorers
Art Explorers aims to encourage young artists to discover a wide variety of art materials and techniques—from painting and drawing to sculpture and printmaking.

Ages: 3-10

Cast Glass Memories
Create a glass cast from the imprint of your child’s hand or foot in sand and make a timeless memento or unique gift!

Ages: 2-12

Family Sundays
Bring your entire family and experience fun, quality time together.

Ages: 5-7

Fun with Clay
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to create ceramic art using coil, pinch pot, slab and other hand sculpting techniques.

Ages: 8-10

Clay Creations
This class teaches how to create a variety of fun, hand-sculpted objects, like decorative masks or coiled bowls, as well as how to throw on the potters’ wheel and finish their works by applying colourful glazes.

Ages: 9-12

Digital Art Discovery
Using the provided iPads, students will explore the world of digital art.


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