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Kids:  All  |  Fine Arts Prep Program  |  Family  |  Ages 2-5  |  Ages 6-8  |  Ages 9-12  |  Ages 13-17

Adults:  All  |  Ceramic Arts  |  Dance  |  Glass Arts  |  Literary Arts  |  Metal Arts  |  Painting & Drawing  |  Photography  |  Textile Arts  |  Theatre Arts  |  Wood Working

Ages: 4+

Family Day Pottery Workshop
Celebrate Family Day by making new memories and unique ceramic artworks.

Ages: 5-7

Fun with Clay
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to create ceramic art using coil, pinch pot, slab and other hand sculpting techniques.

Ages: 3-10

Cast Glass Memories
Create a glass cast from the imprint of your child’s hand or foot in sand and make a timeless memento or unique gift!

Ages: 8-12

Clay Creations
Discover and create with clay!

Ages: 9-12

Through drama games and exercises in voice, movement, comedy, role-playing and scene-study, students will learn a wide range of acting and communication skills while developing their talent and confidence for performing.

Ages: 10-12

Architecture and Design
Create sculptures, drawings, city plans and graphic designs to build new worlds and bring your vision to life in this fun exploration of architecture.

Ages: 9-12

Cartooning & Illustration
Character design, story development, and scene creation are only a few of the concepts explored in Cartooning & Illustration.

Ages: 9-12

Digital Art Discovery
Using provided iPads, students will explore the world of digital art.

Ages: 11-13

Saturday Pottery
Learn how to hand-sculpt ceramic objects, like decorative pinch pots or coiled vases; then try your hand at throwing bowls on the potter’s wheel. Students will decorate and finish their pieces learning glazing techniques.


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