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Kids:  All  |  Fine Arts Prep Program  |  Family  |  Ages 2-5  |  Ages 6-9  |  Ages 9-13  |  Ages 13-17

Adults:  All  |  Culinary Arts  |  Ceramic Arts  |  Dance  |  Glass Arts  |  Literary Arts  |  Metal Arts  |  Painting & Drawing  |  Photography  |  Textile Arts  |  Theatre Arts  |  Wood Working

Ages: 16+

Portrait Drawing Workshop
Designed for beginners, this 2-day workshop will provide foundational skills in drawing the human portrait.

Ages: 13-17

Scene Study for Actors
With plenty of individual feedback from a theatre professional, students will learn vocal, physical and expressive skills for the stage; great for auditioning for a role, theatre program or just having fun! No experience required.

Ages: 4+

Family Pottery
Each week, students will learn basic techniques in hand-building forms while sculpting a variety of decorative and functional pottery.

Ages: 4+

Family Day Pottery Workshop
This step-by-step workshop will teach the basics of hand building with clay as well as glazing and finishing.


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