Living Arts Centre

About Our Program

The Resident Artist Program has been created to provide opportunities for a blend of recent graduates of arts and design institutions, as well as mid-career artists, to create, explore, learn and exchange ideas and insights, within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Operating within a facility that offers a diverse choice of performing and visual arts programs, patrons of all ages enjoy a line-up of musicians and artists, and opportunities for hands-on creative expression in a professional arts environment. This marriage between visual and performing arts, community education, and professional art practice provides a valued and unique atmosphere for emerging artists.

According to past resident artist Andrea Marcus, “It is not just the combination of artforms, but the possibility to connect and interact with so many people, visual artists, performing artists, businesses, and the general public that creates a wide scope of opportunity.”

Professional development activities include participating in exhibitions, teaching and assisting opportunities as well selling work in the gift shop and contributing to special events and festivals.


Resident's Responsibilities

  • To maintain the studio infrastructure and care for the studios
  • To be self-motivated and committed to working in a co-operative environment
  • To provide own materials and supplies


For more information on availability and to arrange a personal tour, please contact:

Coordinator, Exhibitions & Residency Programs