Living Arts Centre

Painting & Drawing

“In my next body of work, I am interested in exploring the relationships between all of the creatures who call urban areas their home through a series of drawings and sculptures. The current trend to naturalize parkland and re-wild cities proves to be working, as many people in the city find themselves face to face with nature again. My work will illustrate this revival and be an investigation into the growing niches that nature is developing in Canadian cities.

The drawings will be made from watercolour, velum and cast rice paper, and be built up off of the wall. Urban landscape sculptures will be installed on handmade wooden and metal stands. Installed together, the drawings and sculptures will utilize narrative devices to create the effect of a three-dimensional storybook, encouraging viewers to reconnect with the nature in their communities and engage in efforts to make their cities a wilder place.”

Since 2009, Denise Smith has earned her MFA from the University of Regina, been featured in numerous exhibitions and attended residencies in Alberta, China and South Korea.