Living Arts Centre

Painting & Drawing

“Paint as a medium of expression registers how humans are analog creatures. Using handheld tools and brushes, the pigmented emulsion will not stay exactly within the x and y axis built to confine it. It does not synchronize with predefined lines. Either the viscosity of the paint or the brush stroke will fall out of sync with linearity.

Mankind has long used the square as a tool to organize and control movement, flow, or access through the use of city blocks and avenues.  The square seems to have become an omnipresent fractal in our daily—at times too rigid and binary—lives.

My goal is to register and build upon the deviations in linearity that occurs in painting. Through discipline and obedience to the pattern of squares, layering paint and brush strokes within tiny walls, I subvert this tense and artificial system into an organic and non-linear entity.”

Fabio Merker received a BA from the Instituto de Artes UFRGS in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and certification in welding techniques from Sheridan College.