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“Moving to a new place is rarely easy. Not only do we leave behind everything that we know- family, friends, routines, even culture, but we have to rebuild everything anew. We have to reform routines, rhythms, and relationships, rebuilding our sense of comfort and belonging. My work makes use of the house motif as a metaphor for this sense of belonging. These houses are physical representations and metaphors of my psychological landscape. The images and actions contained within the structures often reference the things we normally do in our houses, but my actions are often uncomfortable, forced, or off in some way. In these videos and images, I am trying to find a sense of home, which does not yet exist.

My journey/ challenge is not unusual. Although the details are different, this is something that many people do during the course of their lives, whether or not by their own choice. I hope that by sharing my story, I might find others who are struggling with similar challenges.”

Jennifer Akkermans recently earned her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. Previously, she has had solo exhibitions at the Arts Gallery of Calgary, Visual Arts Alberta and Stride Gallery. In 2015, as a recipient of the Shantz Internship, Akkermans spent two months in Cologne, Germany as a studio assistant to Alexandra Bircken.