Living Arts Centre


“Joanna’s practice is interdisciplinary with a focus on sculpture and installation, utilizing printmaking to create books and wood to construct furniture to guide the viewer through the installations. Organization of space and the books she creates are used to engage the viewer mentally and physically, creating a space of solitude and reflection. Growth both autonomously and symbiotically with another individual is explored visually and conceptually. Joanna explores the fluctuation, degradation and growth of relationships, using the work as a means to preserve what cannot be preserved. Language is used as a tool to disrupt the ways in which words are consumed as a means to create a space to pause. The poetry present in the work is fragmented to reflect our fluctuating and deteriorating memories”

Joanna Yetter is a recent graduate from the Fine Arts, Printmaking program at OCAD University. Her aptitude and passion for printmaking is showcased in her participation in exhibitions all over North America, including in Toronto and Philadelphia. Joanna has received multiple awards, included the Nora E Vaughan Award from OCAD University and a BMO1st Art! Competition nomination.