Living Arts Centre

Painting & Drawing

“My work tends to focus on the emotions of man. In many of my works, I use spaces with no horizon. To me, it represents vast possibilities in a person’s life. Without a horizon there is no border, no limit, no end to the journey. I often use multiple layers of paint, scraping back and repainting until the desired effect is achieved. It is a physical process resulting in painterly effects that represent space, calmness or energy.”

Before devoting herself to her passion – painting, Margaret Stawicki has worked as a graphic designer and co-founded Our Kids Media with her husband. She attended painting classes the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, the Fleming College–Haliburton School of The Arts and Neilson Park Creative Centre. Margaret’s paintings have been accepted into numerous art exhibitions and juried shows. Margaret Stawicki is a member of ArtWorks Oakville Association, Etobicoke Art Group, Headwaters Arts, and Neilson Park Creative Centre.