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Zahra Komeylian is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose primary focus is ceramics. As a diasporic Muslim Iranian woman, she explores the vexed intersections between her social identities. Zahra’s work is a form of resistance to misogyny and xenophobia; as well as a vehicle of connection to her indigenous Iranian culture. Through ceramic adaptations of Islamic-Iranian geometric art forms, she examines the ways in which Iranian culture and Islam are politicized, misunderstood, and often at odds with one another. Currently, she is creating a series of sculptural and ceramic installation pieces, titled ASABI, a multilayered Farsi word translating to neurotic. Through interpretive deconstructions of the word, this series examines the internal and performative processes of containing, concealing, and coming face to face with anxiety rooted in the personal and collective traumas of marginalization. Inspired by contemporary female Iranian artists, such as Shirin Neshat and Pouran Jinchi, her work aims to provoke dialogue about subjects that are frequently silenced and stigmatized.

Zahra Komeylian has a teaching degree from Columbia University’s Teaching College in New York and is a current Studio Artist at Arts Starts Toronto.