Living Arts Centre

Studio Fees
Half time: $302 per month plus HST


Facilities, Equipment and Benefits

  • 1 Large Counter With Exhaust Hood
  • 1 Large Work Table
  • Wooden Jewelers Benches with Benchpins
  • 5” Vise
  • 4” Vise x2 (Table Mounted)
  • Small Drill Press
  • Metal Lathe
  • Vitte Metal Cutting Shear
  • Arbe Double Spindle Polishing Machine and  Polishing Wheels
  • Durston Rolling Mill
  • Covington Tumbler
  • Lorto Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner ne Stone Tumbler
  • Foredom Flexible Shaft Drill CC Model x2
  • Specialty Burrs, Drill bits and Polishing Bits for Foredom Flexible Shaft Drill
  • Foredom K.WC-3 Wax Carver
  • Tips for Foredom K.WC-3 Wax Carver Soldering Tools and Supplies
  • Orca M75 Torch
  • Prestolite Acetylene Torch, Regulators and Torch Tips
  • Solderite Fireproof Pads and Rotating Furnice Pan
  • Crockpot for Pickling Metal and Supplies
  • Crockpot for Pickling Metal and Supplies
  • Wooden Stumps
  • Dapping Punches 2.8mm – 50.8mm and Flat Dapping Block
  • Letter Stamping Set
  • Small Anvil
  • Centerpunch and Centerpunch Hammer
  • Mini Anvil With Cone
  • Access To Large Anvil
  • Access To Large Grinding, Polishing, and Engraving Equipment
  • Access To Welding and Large Metal-working Equipment