The Living Arts Centre opened its doors on October 7, 1997, adding an exciting cultural dimension to Mississauga`s City Centre. Since then, more than 5 million people have come to Living Arts Centre, exploring all the Centre has to offer.

Serving as an important resource for the arts, education and business, Living Arts Centre features over 225,000 square feet of multiple performance venues, studio spaces and exhibition display areas. The two main performing arts venues – Hammerson Hall and The RBC Theatre - are the site for a range of arts, cultural and entertainment events presented by both the Living Arts Centre and community partners. The Centre’s seven craft/arts studios are the home of professional Resident Artists and also feature dozens of recreational classes for all ages. Laidlaw Hall features constantly changing art exhibitions. The meeting and conference rooms are utilized by community organizations and businesses for a variety of events, from church services, to luncheon meetings, to international videoconference business meetings. The Living Arts Centre was built with generous contributions from hundreds of corporations, community organizations, individuals, as well as support from the City of Mississauga and the federal government.

The Living Arts Centre proudly serves as the performance outlet for dozens of Mississauga arts organizations and community cultural groups, including the Mississauga Choral Society, Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, Mississauga International Children`s Festival and 30 Community Organizations.

From performances of local, national and international artists and entertainers, to business and conference events, to intriguing art exhibits and community classes in a variety of arts and crafts, the Living Arts Centre is a destination for people from all walks of life. Read More...

Our  Vision

To enrich the quality of life within Mississauga and neighbouring communities through arts and culture.

Mission Statement

Core Objectives

The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are dedicated to actively pursue, grow, improve and fulfill the mission and pledge to:

    • Present high quality performing and visual artists for the enjoyment and enrichment of all ages. This will include the presentation of upcoming local and national talent.
    • Enrich the community by stimulating diverse artistic and cultural development.
    • Enhance community experiences by partnering and cooperating with local arts organizations.
    • Provide artists a venue in which to pursue their art forms, showcase their work and teach and mentor others.
    • Provide diverse educational experiences in performing and visual arts programming with particular emphasis on youth and children.
    • Create and maintain a challenging, respectful and satisfying environment for staff and volunteers.
    • Engage in commercial activities such as corporate rentals and catering to the extent necessary to support the Centre’s arts activities.
    • Seek support for the Centre's various activities through grants, sponsorships and donations.
    • Operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

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