Image Credit: Kim Standford, So Uh...Mike Kelly and Jeff Koons Walk Into a Bar (1), 2014

October 25 - November 30, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday, November 2, 1 - 3 PM

strung out and undone
World of Threads Festival 2014

strung out and undone is a culminating exhibition of artworks submitted to the 2014 International World of Threads Festival and selected for display at the Living Arts Centre Gallery. The works chosen challenge the customary framework of textile and fibre based arts by introducing diverse contemporary approaches that collectively re-define the medium. This exhibition deconstructs traditional practices through a combination of materials, an integration of mixed methodologies and a re-purposing of conventional techniques. Selected artists fuse the pleasure of fibre based practice with the desire for sensory experience, playful anecdotes, contemplative forms and curious environments. Uncertain and obscure, untamed and stressed, strung out and undone sets new rules, subverting past expectations and sprawling in new directions.

Curated by Megan Press

Participating Artists Include: Susan Avishai, Li Chai, Martina Edmondson, Alexandra Emberley, Sara Nicole England, Louise Keen, Amanda McCavour, Madeleine McNeely, Amanda Rataj, Jacquelyn Royal, Kim Stanford, Conny Weber

About the Festival:
The biennial World of Threads Festival is a showcase of local, national and international contemporary fibre and textile art. The Festival is run by dedicated volunteers Dawne Rudman (Chair & Festival Curator) and Gareth Bate (Festival Curator). Exhibitions are carefully planned by various curators.
World of Threads Festival 2014 Brochure

Artworks in Public Spaces

Community Artists are now featured in two new exhibition spaces as part of a Centre-wide initiative to exhibit artwork beyond the gallery and throughout the Centre.

Lee Lidbury is a Canadian Landscape and Fine Art Photographer residing in Mississauga Ontario. “I approach the environments I photograph in a way that makes them feel more like a portrait. The work I create aims to evoke feelings of tranquility and stillness in its viewers”.

Lee Lidbury, The Clearing

Lee Lidbury, The Clearing, Photography, 2012

Margaret Stawicki, Which Way

Margaret Stawicki, Which Way, Mixed Medium, 2014

Margaret Stawicki is a Mississauga Artist who after more than 30 years as a graphic designer, gave up her career and devoted herself to her passion- painting. “My work tends to focus on the emotions of man. I like spaces without horizon. They represent vast possibilities in our life."

Andrea Beiko was born and raised in Mississauga Ontario and is a recent graduate of the Photographic Preservation and Collections Management Program at Ryerson University. She has loved making art as long as she can remember, seeing the world through a camera lens and capturing as much of it as possible.

Andrea Beiko, Marilyn

Andrea Beiko, Marilyn, Digital Photograph, 2013

Joe Passion, 3D Smarties

Joe Passion, 3D Smarties,
Abstract Textures & Mixed Media, Digital Print

Joe Passion is an artist with a unique vision and style. He creates whimsical images that can be boldly shocking or serenely beautiful.

He has been a full-time musician and Canadian recording artist for the past 30 years and though painting and sculpture has always been a hobby, Joe is now focussed on working in his own unique style. He considers Photoshop a tool like a brush, knife, sponge, stick, or even a finger.

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