Living Arts Centre

Explore the fundamentals of portraiture or figure drawing and then apply these techniques to create a fantastic 3D wire sculpture. Choose from:

Option A: Proportions of the Face

In this workshop, students will learn about the mathematical proportions of the face and then investigate ways they can manipulate those proportions to create a unique abstract sculpture.

Option B: The Human Figure

Students will explore basic concepts of figure drawing and create a 3-dimensional miniature wire sculpture of the human body in motion. This workshop is an excellent complement to a unit on the systems of the body!



Grade 5 - 10 maximum 30 students per session.
Morning and afternoon sessions available.


$11.00 per student
(minimum fee applies)


Grade 5 - 10 (2 hours)


Grades: 5-10

Category: Visual Arts

Subcategory: Mixed Media