André-Philippe Gagnon

Showtime: Saturday, April 1, 2017

Location: Hammerson Hall

Famed impressionist André-Philippe Gagnon triumphs as “Entertainer of the year” at the 15th Star Awards gala in Toronto!

Known as the man of "400 voices" Canada's famed comedian/impressionist borrows the famous voices of vocalists from around the world. Gagnon brings together artists who have never appeared before on the same stage - from Elvis, Barry White, Guns N' Roses, Maroon 5 and even Susan Boyle - experience a night of music, comedy and creativity you simply have to hear to believe!

André-Philippe Gagnon’s talent is unique; unlike other impersonators who reproduce only the speaking voices of their subjects, Gagnon can perform note-perfect singing voices of many of the world’s most celebrated singers

André-Philippe Gagnon is a Canadian comedian and impressionist.  His impressionist act is unique for his specialized talent in impersonating the singing voices of celebrities, as opposed to his contemporaries, who typically can do only the speaking voices. He is best known for duplicating We Are the World. 

"…Great talent. Fun, modern and entertaining!" – CBC

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