The Glass Art Association of Canada

(Glass studio demonstration from 1:00 - 2:00pm and gallery reception from 2:00 - 4:00pm)


Glass has many contradictory and opposing qualities. It can be fragile and strong, rough and smooth, beautiful and repulsive, heavy and weightless, transparent and opaque, colourful and clear. These qualities can serve as metaphors for communicating ideas which can be both harmonizing and polarizing.

This juried exhibition features the work of members of the Glass Art Association of Canada and showcases the breadth of creativity and technical approaches happening in glass today. This exhibition clearly establishes glass as a material for both functional objects and conceptual work. The artists demonstrate not only technical skill and aesthetic sensitivity, but also draw upon history, push boundaries, and address contemporary issues.

Organized by the Glass Art Association of Canada in partnership with the Living Arts Centre.

Artists: Gayle Buzzi, Chloe Charette, Jane Cook, Jerre Davidson, Dylan Duchet, Myrianne D. Giguere, Ariel Hill, Priscilla Kar Yee Lo, Jennifer Ann Kelly, Ito Laila, Michele Lapointe, Jared Last, Sheila Mahut, Laura Murdoch, Benjamin Kikkert, Janet Panabaker, Carole Pilon, Rob Raeside, Sue Rankin, Tyler Rock, Kristian Spreen, Ramona Stinson, Layne Verbeek, George Whitney, Gabriela Wilson, Cheryl Wilson-Smith, Lei Zhou