Exhibition: September 12 - October 29, 2017

Opening Reception: September 23, 2017, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

The Living Arts Centre is pleased to partner with Sheridan to present the exhibition fête, which celebrates 50 years of Sheridan’s Craft and Design program and the crucial role the program continues to play in shaping the craft and design landscape in Canada. Featuring the work of some of Canada’s most celebrated craftspeople, this exhibition brings together accomplished makers from across the country whose work spans the five decades of the program’s history. The objects in this exhibition beautifully demonstrate the creative synergy of tradition and innovation in ceramics, furniture, glass, metal, and textiles.

fête honours the skill and dedication of generations of makers and offers a unique portrait of craft as a sustaining presence in our culture.

Sheridan’s Craft and Design Program is based at the Trafalgar Campus, Oakville.

Image Credits: Joanne Noordhuis and Heidi Earnshaw