March 24 - May 20, 2018

The Resident Artist Program has been an integral part of the Living Arts Centre since the Centre opened 20 years ago. The program provides professionally-equipped studios for emerging and mid-career artists to explore and exchange ideas while developing their bodies of work. Each year the resident artist exhibition showcases the newest work from these studios. To celebrate the Centre’s 20th anniversary, this exhibition features not only our current artists, but also welcomes back a selection of resident artists from the past two decades who are still actively creating. The diverse range of functional and conceptual work in Flashback/Fastforward encourages the viewer to reflect on the important role that the Living Arts Centre has played in helping artists develop lasting careers, and points to a vibrant and creative future.

Flashback/Fastforward is presented in the Gallery and 2nd floor community exhibition spaces.

Lee Petrie, Curator

Participating Artists Include: Shankar Adiseshan,  Jennifer Akkermans,  Alex Anagnostou, Sandra Clarke, Geoff Crozier, Michael Deptuch, Tennille Dowers, Courtney Dowman, Maciej Dyszkiewicz, Cathy Griggs,  Noelle Hamlyn, Pat Hertzberg, Vanessa Jackson, Jolanta Jung, Zahra Komeylian, Karen Krupa, Michelle Lewin, Kelly Lowe, Fábio Merker, Tobias Moriarty, Sarah Mulligan, Lisa Murzin, Gular Mustafa, Brenda Nieves, Dania Al Obaidi, Britt Olauson, Everist Prokofiev,  Lorraine Roy, Heidi Schell, Denise Smith, Margaret Stawicki, Ishrat Raza Suhrwardy, Tamara Thompson, Julie Vetro, Gabriela Wilson, Rachel Wong, Sarah Rose Woods, Joanna Yetter.