World of Threads Festival, 2016

Opening reception: October 30, 2016, 1:00 - 3:00pm

The works in me and you were selected from submissions by artists to the 2016 International World of Threads Festival. The 21 artists use traditional and modern techniques to address contemporary concerns and issues. Some works draw upon personal narratives as they pertain to the self (me) - body, image and identity - while other reflect on issues related to the other (you) - concerning experience, relationships and social-political circumstance.

Artists: Beth Barron, Andrea Hauer, Jennifer Henry, Alexander Hernandez, Suzanne Hesh, Rosie James, Barbara Bryn Klare, Geneviève Moisan, Chris Motley, Carolyn Mount, Shawna Munro, Pauline Nijenhuis, Jennifer Pettus, Barbara Rehus, Belle Shafir, Dolores Slowinski, Brooks Harris Stevens, Julia Triston, Jessica Vellenga, Helen Weston, Marzena Ziejka

Image credits (left to right):
Geneviève Moisan (Montreal, QC), Shawna Munro (Amherstburg, ON), Dolores Slowinski, (Detroit, MI, USA)