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Matthew Agostinis

Matthew Agostinis is a furniture designer/maker who specializes in a contemporary and modern-rustic style. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Furniture Design program, his work embodies a look of simplicity without the need for unnecessary ornamentation. In addition to teaching Community Courses and being a Resident Artist at the Living Arts Centre, Matt works with various residential and commercial clients and companies in the GTA.


Samson Wang

Samson Wang, a furniture designer/maker, is very passionate about woodworking. He is a perfectionist, putting full attention on details, this attitude came from the need for precision results in high quality products after years of working experiences in the aviation industry. His ability to create balanced designs and well-crafted furniture came from his talent, background and his functionalist perspective.
Samson’s practice mainly focuses on to create a small batch and custom handmade residential wood furniture at high quality. His inspirations for design mostly come from his love for nature and culture, with the appreciation to traditional designs, handcrafting techniques, and combining with contemporary influences became the essences of his work. He improves himself constantly by implementing thinking through making process throughout his practices. Samson is a graduate of Bachelor of Craft and Design Furniture at Sheridan College.


Sarah Rose Woods

Sarah is a Canadian designer making furniture and furnishings. Influenced by traditional joinery techniques, her work hybridizes the integration of wood and other materials in a modern interpretation. After studying Enviornmental and Furniture Design at OCAD University, she created her own practice as a Furniture Designer and Maker. Sarah is a Artist in Residence at the Living Arts Centre and a Woodshop Technician at Queen Elizabeth Community Centre in Oakville. She teaches woodworking to various age groups and abilities, from kids at summer camp to Woodturning for the Blind with the CNIB. She loves to teach woodworking, and believes that "anyone willing is capable".