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Want to write a novel, poetry, non-fiction or even get into journalism? Tap into your creativity with the Centre’s writing course. Explore the challenges of writing and learn to overcome obstacles like “writer’s block”. Taught by published authors, these courses are guaranteed to get the words flowing! Our 1 to 4 day workshops give you a taste of the arts, while 10 week courses provide an in-depth experience in hands-on creativity. Both take place in our professionally equipped studios.

Please note: Unless otherwise indicated these courses are 10 weeks in length and include all materials and applicable taxes.

Ages: 18+

Creative Writing
This course will help students unfold and express their imagination.

Ages: 18+

How to Write for Young Audiences
Expand your writing skills as you learn to write for some of the toughest critics you’ll ever face – young audiences!


*Courses indicating 'Call Box Office' means that the course is either FULL or close to full. Please call for further inquiries.