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Current Exhibition

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Tiny Mighty Heroes asks what makes a person, or an act, heroic.

Artworks in photography, painting, and sculpture explore how a child’s perceptions of and relationships with heroes develop through imagination and play. This exhibition also looks at alternative representations of heroes in popular culture, and celebrates unsung and everyday acts of courage.


Thoreau Bakker

Kristy Boyce

Mark Craighead

Julia Hepburn

Nethmie Hetti

Fariba Kalantari

Avril Lopez

Laurie McGugan

Lia Vazir

Hospice Toronto Young Carers Program

Micro Exhibitions

Astra Zenica (2nd Floor)
Denim Jeans

The Timeless Project

Nethmie Hetti


The Timeless Project aims to spark a conversation and shift mindsets regarding how ageing and female beauty is framed and learning to celebrate every phase of life.

1st Floor Exhibition Cabinet
Denim Jeans

make yourself at home

Hannah Veiga


An experimental installation translating poetry into copper wire soundwaves; an act of storytelling without the words.

2nd Floor Exhibition Cabinet
Denim Jeans

Little House

Audrey Joyal



Audrey Joyal’s master needlepoint rugs and objects encompass over 20 years of creation. Joyal’s great attention to detail and passion for the craft has led her to reach almost celebrity status within the miniature community.

LIVE Restaurant
Denim Jeans

Relation Series

HyunRyong Kim


Bold abstract paintings contemplate spiritual and unseen forces through colour, line, gesture and expression.

Other Exhibitions

2nd Floor Showcase Cabinet: Works from LAC Community Courses and Camps

2nd Floor Hallway: Artworks from Iona Secondary School, Gr. 12, Digital Arts

2nd Floor Hallway: Trung Tran, paintings

3rd Floor Hallway: Photography exhibitions from our adult Community Courses

3rd Floor Hallway: Photographs of Artists at work representing what our Resident Artists do at the LAC

3rd Floor Hallway: Artwork by children made during Summer Camp 2019