Amee Raval

12" x 4" x 3"

Tranquility, created using the kiln-cast glass process, showcases the rich East Indian heritage and culture. The piece comments on changing cultural landscapes, particularly on women’s roles and representations. Glass is not a traditional medium of representation and expression in East Indian culture. Exploring glass as a medium of expression (through its transparencies, opacities and reflections), the artist uses the glass to mold and express designs. The designs, figures and glass medium alter traditional forms of representation to comment and juxtapose gender and social norms. The piece opens a space to allow for reflection and celebration in a changing cultural landscape. It becomes a space for the viewer to re-imagine the sculpture, the figure, and women's representation.

Amee Raval is a kiln-casting glass artist. Her work brings together Hindu Indian traditional and contemporary issues with sculptures and installations.

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