Gular Mustafa

Cultural Memory
Mixed media
8.1’ x 6.5’

Cultural Memory was started in January 2020 and was to be on view in March 2020. Life almost stopped due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Throughout this time of unrest, it sparked flashbacks of wars and violence. Cultural Memory references an imaginary city visually oscillating between order and chaos. To identify urban space tropes - roads, buildings, cars etc., I used everyday found objects to create the familiar shapes of a city’s layout. The sculpture reflects how the placement of objects and multiple narratives evoke memories and meaning. This creates a personalized perception of what and where the city is. The work references processes of deconstruction and reconstruction over time, allowing the piece to exist in dimensions of past, present and future in one moment. 

Gular Mustafa is a visual artist, contemporary jewellery maker and object designer. 

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