Ishrat Raza Suhrwardy

A light in the dark
Various sizes

The pandemic and social isolation resulted in an increased desire and appreciation for gatherings with loved ones. Representing gatherings are tea sets, dinner sets and serving dishes which remind us about connection and celebrating relationships and simple joys. Using the one-hand throwing technique allows the artist to control the form but allows for the clay and movements to create an element of chance in the resulting final piece. The pieces remind us that there are always elements outside of an individual’s control as they mirror times of uncertainty.  The glaze was inspired by the night sky and the way the moon and stars illuminate it. Bright speckles spread across an otherwise dark glaze in the tea set, and a glow emanates from the centre of the platter. Illumination symbolizes and celebrates hope and the joy of being together after a difficult journey.

Ishrat Suhrwardy has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her practice incorporates a number of techniques to create ceramics and stoneware pieces.

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