Painting & Drawing

My work explores the understanding of the relationship I have with myself, with others, as well as my self-identity. I am interested in combining my perspective with a familiar subject and physical matter to explore how I communicate and understand everyday life. In my work, there is a struggle to create meaning out of how one is represented, and how to understand the impact of my presence on my environment and through relationships to others.

In my paintings, there is an exploration of the challenges in understanding how my appearance, my home, and how my family represent my self-identity. How I see myself, others, and my community inspires me to make tangible the connections that seem physically ungraspable and hard to comprehend. The process I follow in my work across all mediums involves close observation and follows limitations in the form of frames and of material. My process involves deconstructing my own images of self, my family, and my home. This deconstruction allows me to see and exaggerate what I consider significant, such as silent movements, overlooked details, or small oddities.

I like to work in a performative manner with my materials and process, which allows me a physical and tactile experience of what it is like to examine and re-create an image that reflects my self-identity.