Painting & Drawing

  “Abstract painting has been one of my favourable passions as an artist. My imagination sprung deep from my environment and from my most private inner thoughts. I began using encaustics because I was intrigued by its ancient history. I was challenged by the process of heating and cooling captures the dynamic of turmoil and demands control nothing like that of any other painting medium.

This balance of discipline and disconformities are reflected in my work as well as in my life. I try to let life take hold and just go with the flow versus distressing about everything all the time, and unlike life, encaustic is merciful. If you do not like what you put down, just scrape it off and start over. Imagine if only life was as easy”.

Born and raised in Iraq, Dania Al-Obaidi is heavily influenced by the richness and beauty of both the old and new worlds. She studied fine Arts in Baghdad University and continued training in Canada at Humber and Sheridan Colleges. Since 1995, Dania has been featured in exhibitions in Canada and the Middle East.