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“My work is taking a new direction, becoming more minimalistic with simple, sleek lines and colours, sometimes with complicated textures. This minimal approach acts as a great juxtaposition, contrasting the immense amount of process and techniques that go into my work, which might on the surface appear to be very simple in approach. My inspiration comes from the world around me, be it nature, the city or personal narratives, simplified, abstracted and made into tactile glass works.”

Born in Santiago Chile, Gabriela Wilson has been influenced by the strong artisanal culture in Chile. She feels a strong connection to copper, finding familiarity and warmth in the metal. Gabriela has studied art, design, jewellery, gemology and glass at George Brown College, Pilchuck Glass School and the Corning Museum of Glass. She is recent graduate of the glass, Craft and Design program at Sheridan College.