Painting & Drawing

Artist Statement:

     As ‘painting’ refers to both the act of doing and the outcome, I deal with the process and moments to share the thoughts and experiences with others, hoping to continue the dialogue.  The quality of the medium of various paints and the tools which one draws with provides space to explore and experiment in.  I am most satisfied with all that is attached to painting: colour, composition, texture, tactility, layers, narratives, and sense of time.

     Having lived in different places, and continuing to move around calling each place new a home- with less things to have as mine, living minimally and out of luggage, observing behaviors of the locals, learning the language and taking time to build relationships- people have become the main focus of my curiosity in recent.  The stories of individuals, the history they carry on their faces, the character they present with their bodies, the mystery of knowing yet never knowing another being, the common narratives, the shared situations or conditions, the similarities and then all the differences, the recognizable and the absurd, every encounter I try and understand, translate, interpret and retell what I’ve heard, seen, experienced.


Mihyun Maria Kim is a Korean-Canadian painter who studied at OCAD and has in recent years participated and worked with international artist residencies in Paris, Barcelona, Seville and Leipzig.  She co-founded an artist collective project with a New York artist to connect and build dialogue amongst local artists in Barcelona- called MODS- and has expanded it to Leipzig.  Her works have been shown in Toronto, Montreal, Barcelona, Seville, Paris, Leipzig and Venice, with collaborative mural paintings left in cities of Mongolia, Kenya and Brazil.


Instagram: @singmariamaria