Caroline Forde

Polychromatic Collage
100% Organic cotton and natural dyes
24” x 24”

Polychromatic Collage is a series of bandanas to be worn as a scarf or headband. The series emphasizes circular textile creation because they are 100% organic cotton, long-lasting, and compost friendly. The dyes are from plants and natural materials, all cooked from scratch, mixed and finished with extra care. My research and practice focus on the environmental issues in textile production debates and the designer's role. The selection of raw material, the impact of production, and the product life cycle are considered in the design process. Using misalignment, free-flowing mark-making, and lush colours create hand-painted monoprints. This printmaking form allows for multiple unique originals. 

Caroline Forde is an emerging artist and creates hand-printed and dyed fabrics using a variety of traditional techniques. Through research and material exploration, Caroline aims to incorporate sustainability and craftsmanship into sensible, sought-after objects.

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