Studio Fees
$316 per month + HST (half time, 25 hours per week)

Facilities, Equipment and Benefits
  • 1 large counter with exhaust hood
  • 1 large work table
  • 5” vise
  • Small drill press
  • Metal lathe
  • Vitte metal cutting shear
  • Arbe double spindle polishing machine and polishing wheels
  • Durston rolling mill
  • Durston draw horse
  • Covington and Lortone stone tumblers
  • Elma ultrasonic cleaner
  • 2 Foredom flexible shaft drill CC Model, plus specialty burrs, drill bits and polishing bits
  • Foredom K.WC-3 wax carver and tips
  • Soldering tools and supplies
  • Orca M75 torch
  • Smith Little torch and regulators
  • Prestolite acetylene torch, regulators and torch tips
  • Solderite fireproof pads and rotating furnace pan
  • Crockpot for pickling metal
  • Dapping punches and flat dapping block
  • Small Peddinghaus anvil, and mini anvil with cone
  • Centre punch and hammer
  • Assorted hand tools
  • Access to large grinding, polishing, and engraving equipment
  • Access to welding and large metal-working equipment
  • Individual wooden jewelers’ benches with benchpin