Choose the Living Arts Centre as your host of SHSM Arts and Culture certifications, with opportunities for hands-on Visual or Performing Arts programming and option to pair workshops with exciting theatre performances. Let our professionally equipped studios, theatres, and artist facilitators inspire your students as they develop essential specialized knowledge.

Workshop + Performance – Book your certification workshop on a performance day for a great pairing! Select a show from our 2019-2020 school season (click here for performances).

Visual Arts

Linoleum Printmaking
Create multi-coloured and layered prints using a 6”x12” linoleum block as your carving surface. You will produce 3 – 4 detailed, crisp-clean, and high quality editions on cold-pressed printmaking paper to add to your growing artist portfolio.
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Ceramic Techniques
Learn to create intricate mark-making techniques by producing your own ceramic tiles, then transfer those skills to create a unique, multi-purpose vessel or sculpture using pinch pot, slab, and coil hand-building methods. Experiment with a variety of professional tools, texture applications, and learn to paint with coloured slips, to produce a glazed, functional or decorative sculpture. Choose project at time of booking!
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Mixed Media Photo Transfer
Explore how to diversify your visual art practice by learning two types of photo transfer techniques. Laser printed and magazine will be transferred to canvas using the gel medium transfer and tape transfer techniques. Inspired by artists working in this medium, you will use acrylic paint to put the finishing touches on your work.
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Screen Printing
Apply your knowledge of design fundamentals to create a unique, detailed stencil image, and using the silkscreen printing method create a multi-coloured print on paper or a white, 12x12 fabric material. You will gain valuable print-making techniques while exploring the importance of graphic art and symbolism inspired by graffiti art and social justice themes.
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Performing Arts

Audition Prep
Learn what it takes to land an acting role from an experienced theatre professional. Through interactive discussion and activities, you will discover what makes for a successful audition, how to prepare yourself for it, what skills to have in your theatrical repertoire, and how to avoid common mistakes.
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Dance Techniques
A dancer’s versatility and knowledge of different genres is a valuable skillset. In this workshop led by a professional dancer, you will explore fundamental dance techniques and choreography. Choose from an array of dance genres at time of booking including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, African Dance, Tap, and more!
Maximum 20 students per workshop

Intro to DJ-ing
Get a taste of the world of DJ’ing! Use professional equipment as you learn about scratching, mixing, and blending recorded music. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to create a smooth transition between songs using beat matching. Maximum 16 students per workshop
Rhythm & Drumming In this high energy workshop you will learn rhythms on the bucket drum, and build your own group routines for performance. You will be lead in a group discussion about teamwork, leadership and presentation skills. Maximum 20 students per workshop

Stage Combat
Explore the essentials of unarmed stage combat in this beginner workshop. After learning about safety rules and guidelines, you will be taught how to create the illusion of violence with basic techniques such as slaps, hair pulls, punches, and kicks.
Maximum 16 students per workshop

All of our certification workshops are customizable!
For more information including pricing, or to book, contact us at:
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