SHSM Workshops

The Living Arts Centre is offering some of its popular Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) visual and performing arts certifications virtually to students in the Arts and Culture sector in 2021. Virtual SHSM workshops are interactive and led by artist educators and industry professionals. Offerings include Specialty Dance, SPFX Makeup, Cosmetology, Audition Prep, Portfolio Prep, and SPE Certification (Sector-Specific I.C.E. Training).

$650.00+HST per group per certification

Program Length: 
Virtual certifications are approximately 2 hours, however, timing and length is modifiable based on school schedule.

To Book:
Contact Lia Vazir, Culture Programmer, at or at 905-615-3200 ext 6106.

Click here to download program flyer (pdf) or see below for program details and workshop descriptions.

Virtual SHSM Workshops

Specialty Dance (Broadway Jazz & Afro-Caribbean)

A dancer’s versatility and knowledge of different genres is a valuable skillset. In this workshop led by a professional dancer, you will explore fundamental dance techniques and choreography. Choose from Broadway Jazz or Afro-Caribbean Fusion.
Maximum 16 participants.

SPFX Makeup

Ever wonder what goes behind the special effects makeup looks you see in movies and television? Learn the processes of working with SPFX tools and materials to create impressive bruises, cuts and wounds. You will learn valuable techniques and tricks from an industry professional who will teach you to create some of these effects on yourself! All materials provided.
Maximum 16 participants.

Cosmetology (Makeup 101)

In this Cosmetology certification focused on makeup application and skin care, you will learn about kit set up and sanitation, skin anatomy, colour theory, correcting and base applications, as well as beauty versus fashion makeup. With the guidance of an industry professional, you will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test to create a full-face daytime or evening look on yourself. All materials provided.
Maximum 16 participants.

Audition Prep

Learn what it takes to land an acting role from an experienced theatre professional. Through interactive discussion and activities, you will discover what makes for a successful audition, how to prepare yourself for it, skills to have in your theatrical repertoire and how to avoid common mistakes.
Maximum 16 participants.

Portfolio Preparation

With the guidance of an industry professional, this workshop focuses on multiple aspects of portfolio preparation including process work, curation, receiving feedback and artist statements. Students must bring the following: an artist sketchbook (in progress or completed), a draft of an artist statement describing their practice (450-600 words), and one completed artwork of their choice (we encourage selecting a work related to their medium of interest – sculpture, photography, paining, illustration, print-making, etc.)
Maximum 12 participants.

SPE Certification (Sector-Specific I.C.E. Training)

With the guidance of an industry professional, you will learn about and use the three fundamental gears of I.C.E. (Innovation, Creativity, and entrepreneurship) to collaborate on a sector-specific challenge.

Workshop Topic
To be selected during booking

Example: How can we find or create affordable and accessible artist workspaces for students in the Peel region?

About I.C.E.
I.C.E. Training takes a process-based approach to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; it encourages the application of key skills to a unique experience solving real world with sector-relevant challenges.
Maximum 12 participants.

All of our certification workshops are customizable!
For more information contact contact Lia Vazir, Culture Programmer,
at or at 905-615-3200 ext 6106.