Living Arts Centre

This workshop will build your students’ visual literacy skills with opportunities to connect with artworks in a gallery setting. Students will have their knowledge of the elements of art put to the test as they view, describe, and interpret contemporary works of art created in a variety of media. Students will then return to the studio and be challenged to create an abstract work of art in response to the works viewed. French learners can put their art vocabulary to practice in this workshop.

Grades 4 to 6 - Sand Portrait: Students will create abstracted self-portraits using sand art techniques.

Grades 7 to 12 - Photo Transfer: Inspired by Stuart Reid’s permanent art installation in the Centre, students will create an abstract layered artwork using photo transfer techniques, colour gels, and laser printed images.



Grade 4 - 12 maximum 30 students per session.
Morning and afternoon sessions available.


$11.00 per student
(minimum fee applies)


2 hours


Grades: 4-12

Category: Visual Arts

Subcategory: Mixed Media