Students will develop self-confidence while learning basic dance skills in this one hour workshop. They will explore music through creative movement exercises, allowing them to develop strength, mobility, stamina, co-ordination, rhythm, and imaginative capacity. Students will discover a fun way to be active, take risks, and share the joy of movement with peers.

Our Dance Outreach workshops are all 1 hour in length and schools must book a minimum of 2 consecutive outreach workshops. Additional travel fees apply for schools outside a 30 km radius from the Centre.



JK - Grade 2 maximum 30 students per session.
Workshop will take place at your school. School gymnasium area required.


$175 per one hour workshop
(minimum two workshops per booking)
Living Arts Centre will provide music.


JK - Grades 2 (1 hour per workshop)


Grades: JK-2

Category: Outreach

Subcategory: Dance