Integrate your arts, science, and social studies curriculums through the creation of a historic “art”ifact! Students will learn basic properties of clay along with hand-building techniques to create unique sculptural pieces. Connect to your class’ studies with projects like Birchbark Canoes, Ancient Egyptian canopic jars, sphinxes or sarcophagi, and Medieval Era gargoyles, or Coat of Arms. 

Ceramic pieces will be kiln fired, and ready for pick-up in three weeks after your booking. Please also note that our administration team will contact  the booking teacher regarding scheduling a date and time for ceramic pick-ups. After kiln firing, pieces can be painted with acrylic or watercolour paints in your school classroom.



Grades 4 - 12 maximum 30 students per session.
Morning and afternoon sessions available.


$11.00 per student
(minimum fee applies)


2 hours


Grades: 4-12

Category: Visual Arts

Subcategory: Ceramics