This integrated workshop combines drama, dance and music for an enriching cross-curricular experience! Students will learn basic drama and dance terminology, while developing focus, coordination, stage skills and self-confidence. Choose the story that best connects to your classroom at time of booking: Little Red Riding Hood, Henny Penny, Billy Goat’s Gruff, The Little Kolobok(Russia), Odon the Giant (Philippines) or Puss in Boots (Italy and France).

Little Red Riding Hood – Little Red is caring but easily distracted, which sometimes gets her into trouble! This timeless German fairy tale focuses on themes of honesty, kindness, and the importance of listening.   

Henny Penny – “The Sky is Falling!”, or is? This popular Danish fairy tale explores the consequences of fibbing, and themes of courage and forgiveness.  

Billy Goat’s Gruff – Based on a Norwegian fairy tale, this story is about three clever billy goats who outwit a mean troll that lives under the bridge they must cross. Students will explore themes of greed, sharing, and friendship!  


The Little Kolobok – Kolobok is a clever, round doughnut who one day comes to life, and on an adventure cunningly escapes every tricky situation! This Russian folk tale explores multiple character-building and moral lessons.   


Odon the Giant – Based on a fairy tale from the Philipphines, this story is about a group of friends who put their talents and voices together to stand up to the mean Giant, Odon. This story explores themes of teamwork, conflict resolution, and bullying.  


Puss in Boots – This classic tale of Italian and French origins stars a mischievous talking cat who learns the consequences of fibbing when he tries to help his dearest friend! This new addition to our stories explores themes of co-operation, collaboration, and the power of kindness.



K - Grade 3 maximum 25 students per session.
Morning and afternoon sessions available.


$11.00 per student
(minimum fee applies)


2 hours


Grades: JK-3

Category: Performing Arts

Subcategory: Drama