2019 Yuan Yin Concert to Support SickKids

Showtime: Friday, May 3, 2019

Location: Hammerson Hall

Show suitable for: 4+


Sorry, no tickets are available at this time.

Yuan Yin Group (est.1920) is proudly presenting the 2019 Annual Concert. This is our 4th annual concert in an effort to accelerate impact and support Hospital for Sick Children and The SickKids Foundation. On the concert day, Grammy Nominated musician and over 200 young talents from Canada and China will bring the audience to this exquisite audio- visual feast - featuring Qin, Chinese classical music with a 3000-year tradition, is proclaimed a UNESCO Intangible Heritage; and Guzheng (Chinese Zither), a 2000-year traditional Chinese string instrument, and also a variety of classical musical instruments and vocal from East to West. When the East meets the West, you will be fascinated by how creative the music world could be.