Best of Open Mic LIVE

Showtime: Thursday, October 12, 2017

Location: RBC Theatre


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Open Mic LIVE, held at the Living Arts Centre’s in-house restaurant, LIVE, since January 2015, is showcased in this impressive 2nd Annual Best of Open Mic Concert. In partnership with Mississauga Arts Council, and hosted by Tom Taylor, 10 of the best performers from previous Open Mic LIVE events will be performing at the RBC Theatre. The concert will showcase emerging musicians, furnishing an opportunity to perform in a professional atmosphere, and gaining stage experience in front of an appreciative audience.


Andres Pedret, Greg Noguera and Carla Gonzales - Andres Pedret was born in Venezuela, and then moved to Canada in 2005. Andres felt in love with the guitar and has been involved with music since a young age. Andres has a broad music styles influences such as classical, rock, flamenco, latin, funk to name a few. Currently working in many music projects and bands around the GTA. Also, Andres works as an Audio Engineer on live events, and in recording studios as producer and mixing engineer. Greg Noguera is a Canadian born multi instrument, multi genre percussionist with his roots from Aruba. Greg is a member of many Toronto based bands as well as teaching private students and group workshops. Singer/Songwriter Carla Casanova was born in Venezuela but left her roots at a very early age to travel with her family across the globe. Music has always been an integral part of her life, from an early age she decided to study singing in different genres from ballads to rock and chanting. A multi-talented artist, Carla was born with a beautiful voice and a love for writing. This inspired her to make singing one of her life’s greatest journeys. She is constantly performing in festivals and working in new music.Carla also uses her art as a mean of keeping Latin Roots alive and helping as an active member of the community through running workshops in Spanish for both singing and art.


Dani Kristina - Dani Kristina has loved music since she was a little girl. At the age of five, she wrote her first song and has been writing ever since. From songs about heartbreak to one’s about staying positive, Dani Kristina’s music ranges over many genres. Passionate about her work, Dani continues to write and perform whenever she has the opportunity. With performance venues ranging from the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee, to the Cadillac Lounge in Downtown Toronto, Dani is no stranger to the stage. Dani Kristina is determined and continues to follow her passion wholeheartedly with over 400 songs and counting.


Dimitrov Zdravko - Two local musicians are at the heart of this 80’s Tribute Band. Decade 80 amazes audiences by playing the greatest synth-pop and new wave hits of the “decade of excess”, when keyboards ruled the pop charts and hairstyles choices were questionable! They are available for festivals, private parties and clubs around the GTA.


Jad Habits - Born and raised in Mississauga, Jad Habits started to take a career in music seriously after attending a ten-day silent meditation retreat at the Ontario Vipassana Centre. After the retreat, he applied to Seneca College’s Independent Music Production program, was accepted and enrolled in September 2015. It was at Seneca College where he met Rom Mills, who will be joining him to perform Jad’s latest single from his recently released FREE RANGE EP, “Grow”. After graduating from IMP, Jad released his first single, Kids These Days in December 2016, with featured a music video with licensed footage filmed during the Lebanese Civil War. Jad begun playing open mics this spring and is also a registered Sauga Busker, you might seem him performing outside in the designated busker spots. He is also currently working on his first self-produced album, “Too Much Information”. For now, we’ll have to wear our ears out to his latest EP, “Free Range”, which features three songs produced by Rom Mills, one from fellow IMP graduate and friend Eblen Macari Jr (from the Eblen Macari Ensemble), and the above-mentioned self-produced song featuring Rom Mills, “Grow”. The last two mentioned songs will be performed tonight.


Jason Yataco AKA Dracula - I go by the name of Dracula since 2012, my inspirational influences include Eminem, YelaWolf, Logic and many more. My real name is Jason Yataco, I was born in Mississauga and I am 19 years old. I continue to perform around Mississauga to Toronto and consistently work on my craft to evolve my sound and be as dope as I can be.


Kyrel Thompson – A spoken word artist from the GTA with a love for God, art, and the creative, I like using words and poetry to expose you to my mind, and cause you to think a little more about the world around us. If I’m able to help challenge, or promote creativity, or growth, then whenever that place is, I’ll probably be there.


Mileena Sobreira-Yousufy - Mileena is an 18-year old singer-songwriter born and raised in Mississauga and has been writing and recording her own music for over two years. She’s one of Mississauga’s few independent R&B artists and has performed all over the city, from the streets as one of the city’s first legal buskers, to the celebration square stage. With over 55 thousand SoundCloud plays and a growing fanbase, Mileena is definitely an artist to keep up with. But of course there is still lots to come, and she prompts you to join her on her musical journey.


Sarah Felicia - By the time she could walk she was dancing, and by the time she could talk she was singing. Growing up, Sarah Felicia would put on shows for her family. She took singing lessons and decided to learn guitar a few years ago. As her passion for music grew she began writing her own songs, and being more musically involved in school, church, and in choirs. She was always known as the entertainer of the family, and she of course took baby steps to get to where she is. Knowing how tricky the music business can be she took her ability out of her hometown of Ontario, Canada and adventured to take a shot at building her artistic abilities. She had the opportunity to study in Nashville, Tennessee working to get her full book of indie folk/pop songs actually produced. Sarah’s current goals are to create her first EP, continue building a community of fans, and to showcase her songs at a variety of local performances. Sarah’s ambitions are to inspire and encourage a variety of people with her music.


Pretty Yonge Things – Shannon, Ginela and Jake are a pop trio of voice, keyboard, guitar and djembe. They perform their own arrangements of covers and some originals at Loblaws stores of the weekends in Toronto and have branched out to weddings. They love new performance opporutnities and are working toward writing more original music.


Asantewaah – Asantewaah Sam Anokye is 17 years old and a high school student at Philip Pocock Secondary School. She has a big family that she loves very much and who were her first inspirations to sing. Asantewaah loves to perform and sing; it is a privilege she does not take for granted. The stage is the place Asantewaah would like to continue to be as she grows up!

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