7Samurai Dance Summit

Showtime: Sunday, March 18, 2018

Location: RBC Theatre


The creation of “7 Samurai” street-dance battle event is to celebrate, honour and nurture our Mississauga Street-dance community. This event is genuine and authentic to our home community while developing a respectful dialogue, relationship and informed lens between vision, artist and community support.

The “SAUGA STREET-DANCE SUMMIT” is aimed at holding tribute to the finest quality practitioners of Street-Dance culture, manifested in all its varied forms. At the same time “S3” is meant to inspire and unify the collective Mississauga community of all ages, creating an intergenerational support network that grants continual inspiration and encouragement of our hidden gems and world class talent.

WORKSHOPS/Discussions (4pm –5pm)
The workshop/discussion period will be  hosted by Yvon Soglo CRAZYSMOOTH (BBOYIZM), Jerome Villa FRESH FX (Ground illusionz) & Kozi Eze (R.D.L.S) at 4PM until 5PM. This workshop is designed to incorporate various street dances and their historical contexts through the experience of three dancers with some of the highest reputable status in Canada. These dancers will also act as the judges for the battle.

The second phase of our event will include formal introductions and opening to our battle event and entertainment for the evening. Then proceed to our “OPEN CYPHER” battle. You can register at the event itself. The 7 “All style” contestants of the qualifier will be chosen to be part of the main event.

MC TESTAMENT (P.E.A.C.E.)  20 year veteran Matthew Jones aka MC TESTMENT will deliver a RAP performance, true to the foundations and essence of Hip-Hop culture.

7 SAMURAI FINAL BATTLE ( 6:15pm -6:45 pm)

Our Battle will be in “7 to Smoke” a unique format, which pit the contestants against each other for 25 minutes dancing to live music provided by “RE.VERSE” one of Toronto’s most prominent Funk and breaks bands. The winner of the battle will be the one with the most point collected over the battle period rounds.


Winner will be awarded & 7 Samurai winners will receive 20 hours of studio time at the LAC to co-create a piece for next year 2019.

*studio time subject to availability  from March 2018 – March 2019.


CELEBRATE –Open Mic/ Open Floor – (6:45pm – 7pm)
Our event will conclude with an OPEN MIC and open floor to build, vibe and network.


THRIVE –  We will end the summit in Hammerson Hall watching the award-winning dance company Gadfly perform – KLOROFYL. – 7:30pm


Award-winning urban dance company GADFLY Presents Klorofyl, influenced by the 1964 Japanese Classic film "Seven Samurai". In this powerful and athletic piece, warriors need to regain their spark when they're forced to work together for survival. Their turbulent encounters with a tribe break them from their emptiness. Now they have a choice: Return to their primal state of survival or achieve together what many find risky and impossible:

All ages welcome.

Have a question? Send us a message here - claudia.dipietro@livingarts.on.ca

Price includes: Klorofyl Gadfly performance and 7Samurai Dance Summit.




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