Klorofyl: Gadfly

Showtime: Sunday, March 18, 2018

Location: Hammerson Hall


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Award-winning GADFLY presents KLOROFYL: Influenced from the 1964 Japanese film Seven Samurai, warriors need to regain their spark when they are forced to work together for survival. Their turbulent connections with a tribe break them from their emptiness. Once all is set and done, they have the chance to make a first conscious choice: return to their primal state of survival or achieve together what many find risky and impossible: THRIVE.

This production is a representation of Gadfly signature movement rooted in Urban and Contemporary physicality, depth of theme: dance storytelling that sits in the sweet spot between artistry and entertainment.

GADFLY’s artistry sits where urban dance styles and other art forms collide and tune together. Artistic directors Ofilio Sinbadinho and Apolonia Velasquez merge art with entertainment through the authenticity, artistry, and athleticism found in Urban Dance Culture. Gadfly’s body of work includes full-evening works, performances at Ted Talks Toronto, Nuit Blanche, Oakville Jazz Festival, Montreal Fringe, Festival DansEncore, and contributions to 12 charitable organizations. With ‘Klorofyl’, GADFLY was the recipient of the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance. GADFLY's work reflects a distinct language that personifies innovation.

Price includes: Klorofyl Gadfly performance and 7Samurai Dance Summit.


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