Machine de Cirque

Showtime: Friday, March 23, 2018

Location: Hammerson Hall

Show suitable for: Ages 16+


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Poetic and humorous, the five guys of Machine de Cirque really know how to please. The only problem is that they are all alone in the world. Their quest is to contact any other survivor with the use of a strange machine. Will they do it? It is far from certain! They are easily distracted by their eerie fantasies and have a definite talent for putting themselves in perilous situations. Which is all absolutely normal! How can they survive any other way in this universe without women or computers?

Courageous, touching and funny, these five crazy characters are contagiously complicit. They masterfully handle the teeterboard, juggling clubs, drums, and even bath towels! Energizing! Daring! Machine de Cirque doesn’t hesitate to bare all, ready to scorch the soul as well as the body to make you laugh, to touch, and mostly, to dazzle.

Approximate duration: 90 minutes without intermission

The Company was founded in 2013 through the efforts of Vincent Dubé, President and General Manager. It came to life at research and creativity sessions in 2012 and 2013 involving jugglers and acrobats Raphaël Dubé and Yohann Trépanier, as well as percussionist Frédéric Lebrasseur under the artistic direction of Vincent Dubé.

Machine de Cirque is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to gather various players in the art world and technology field to produce circus shows. The organization relies on the excellence of its productions and the professional development of its members and employees

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Doors open at 5:00pm
For reservations, please call 905-306-6116