My Home Land / Sarzamin-e Man with Dawood Sarkhosh Ensemble

Showtime: Friday, December 22, 2017

Location: Hammerson Hall


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In Association with the Aga Khan Museum & Sarkhosh Music Inc.

A multi talented Artist, Dawood Sarkhosh was born in 1971 in the province of Urozgan in Central Afghanistan . He started to compose poetry at the age of 9 and play Dambura and to sing at the age of 17. He studied the Hazaragi Dambura for a short period with the help of his elder brother Sarwar Sarkhosh, and studied Harmoonia/Accordion under the Pakistani composer the late Arbab Ali Khan.

Sarkhosh revived the art by creating songs inspired by a sense of nationalism and suffering in exile. His songs were not commercial, they were artistic reflection of the nostalgia and the experiences by millions of Afghan refugees throughout the world. They rush to his concerts in thousands to share their refugee culture with him and enjoy it for a few hours.

Artistic work has not only shone in the gloomy silent horizon of this land, but has become the intimate companion of every moment in the life of all Persian speakers.

Sarzamine-e-Man is the juxtaposition of the inspirational with melancholic whispers. This is put into heavy atmosphere of tragic exile, down the alley ways of nostalgia. The listener is led by melody to lyrics expressing the destitution and devastating hardship arisen from the distant past felt in every instance of the life of our grief stricken people.

In Sarzamine-e-Man the “poet” & “composer” the “singer”, the strings of guitar and “Robab” all chant together and in one voice describing the breakage of flower stems, the unfaithfulness of existence and the tale of separation.

Sarzamin-e-man is the illustrator Shabe Yalda (longest winter night), our devastated homeland and displaced people. 

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