Living Arts Centre

Valentine's Heat

Showtime: Friday, February 16, 2018

Location: RBC Theatre

Mississauga Music & LAC is bringing you something different to celebrate this Valentine's: a unique line up of artists who will warm you right up.

At Valentine's Heat you will experience alt-reggae jams from The Steady Rebels & Street Pharmacy, dive into psychedelic rock grooves laid down by Uforia & The Celebration Army, and end off the evening with infectious tunes from Mississauga's own reggae-pop infused Jungle Man Sam who has been making waves internationally! Escape the cold outside & bring your loved ones in for a night you won't forget!

Thank you for your support! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Ever wonder where the groove went? It enlisted in The Celebration Army. All of it. The Celebration Army's music strongly harkens to the golden ages of classic rock and R n B (and even to a raw, dirty sort of funk that people tend to keep a naughty secret). Listen to songs like "Black Blue Jeans" and you'll experience a stylistic breadth that takes listeners all the way from frenetic rock to ingenious hooks to driving funk and back again. The Celebration Army grooves in a way that justifies excessive sweating, oddly moist lips, and ugly grimaces of musical hypnosis. Better yet, they give reviewers a chance to write things that would normally be too vague for publication: Troy Larabie lays it down with insanely tight drum work that is also delicious and crispy; Leandro Motta's bass playing is a massive, slippery eel of funk that somehow sounds right at home in a band that is not really a funk band. But it's always better to be specific: Oliver Pigott's powerful and technically stunning voice comes as a great sonic relief in a rock epoch typified by indie singers whose style is best described as vocal ennui; Nelson Sobral's guitar work is a masterclass not only in playing with artful restraint but also in tone craft, he is never pretentious but pulls out every sweet, warm overdrive tone that has ever existed.

Street Pharmacy is a 3-piece reggae rock fusion band hailing from the illustrious Welland, Ontario. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Ryan Guay, Street Pharmacy has been blending reggae grooves, alternative rock guitar licks and 90's golden age Hip-Hop lyricism for over a decade. You may remember them from such television exploits as their 2009 stint on Much Music's disBAND or their #1 single Stone, Bricks & Mortar (2011) on Much Music's UR11. Whether chillin' in the frigid cold of the Canadian winter or swimming in the lake at the cottage on your summer vacation, Street Pharmacy's got the vibes for you so don't hesitate... Fill your prescription today!

From the rings around Toronto comes a fearsome foursome of menacing talent and good spirits. UFORIA is: Songs you wake up the next day humming. Howling guitar duets echoing a lost era. New noises that tear your face off. Killer vocals, killer harmonies. Happy words, sad words. Wild young musicians pounding out a heavy, sometimes-simple, sometimes-complex orchestration of power-rhythms, riffs, beautiful chord changes and melodies - and it feels like a party.

The Steady Rebels are a 9-piece reggae band formed here in Mississauga, ON. Their mission statement is set clear: an inclination to keep people motivated by moving onward through positive action, thinking of the future, increased awareness, and through music and dance. On February 14th, 2017 - the band released their debut album entitled "Common Ground" with the support of FACTOR Canada! You can expect these guys to make some noise in the city as they have big plans for the future!

Imagine a music project with full integrated life experience. Lots of artists go on tour and post pictures of dressing rooms, hotel rooms, tour buses. The world is opening up so much further beyond that, and the people are wanting more. Modern technology makes access to life experience more real than ever. And the power of sharing makes adventures easy to carry out.

I've been playing music since ...I was 9. I've played hundreds of gigs of all sizes. I've always dreamt of playing for huge crowds under my own name, and I've always known that I will. But the road won’t be easy. Money, industry, and politics make the life of a mainstream artist cluttered with distractions. Not that I want everything handed to me on a plate, I love working for success, I just feel like there's so much more life to live than that. Since travelling Latin America I've fallen in love with the life of a traveller and the grassroots movements that are becoming so easy to share through social media tools. I've since been wondering if I can bring both worlds together. My love of pop music with my love of wilderness and the stories that come from being in an unfamiliar place. I now know and believe that I can do it with technology, and the power of sharing with an open heart.

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